Due to monitor settings, monitor pixel definitions, limitations of desktop scanners, digital photography, and batch variations, we cannot guarantee that the colour you see on your screen is an exact colour of the product. We strive to make our colours as accurate as possible, but screen images are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct.  If in any doubt regarding colours please visit our showroom and sight the tiles in person.

Before laying tiles or using our products, buyers should carefully evaluate accuracy, colour, quantity, completeness and relevance for their particular job, and should obtain any appropriate professional advice relevant to their particular circumstances.

As no claims will be accepted after tiles have been fixed, the purchaser should ensure that the tiles are suitable and the quantities are correct.

In some cases the material on this site may incorporate or summarise views, guidelines or recommendations of third parties.  Such material is assembled in good faith, but does not necessarily reflect the views of World Tiles.   

Important Information Regarding your Purchase of Tiles

Below is important information about your order. Please ensure you read this information before laying your tiles.

  • I have read the Terms and Conditions of Sale.
  • I have confirmed that the correct quantity, batch, size, colour, finish and shade of products have been ordered on my Tax Invoice and inquired/inspected if there is any product variation.
  • I have confirmed that the information on my Tax Invoice is correct.
  • I have had reasonable time and opportunity to  or decided not to review a current batch sample of goods on my Tax Invoice

Collecting Your Order From World Tiles
  1. You will receive a call from world Tiles when the order is ready for collection.
  2. Present your Tax Invoice to front desk to collect your order.
  3. Full payment is required before collection.
Please make sure you have adequate transport and assistance to freight the order. Some products are heavy and are required by law to have adequate transport. 

Prior to laying tiles the tiler, builder or home owner must:
  • Inspect the tiles for defects.
  • Inspect that the correct quantity, colour, shade, size and batch of product has been received.


Before Laying
Goods must be inspected within 72 hours of collection or delivery for correctness or damage and World Tiles notified
via email on admin@worldtiles.com.au. No claims for damages were customer collects.

Return of Goods

1 The Customer may reject and return Goods to World Tiles provided that:

1.1 the Goods are damaged, wrongly supplied, defective or not in accordance with the Contract;

1.2 the Goods are returned within one month of the date of the invoice or account issued by World Tiles to the Customer in respect of those Goods;

1.3 the Customer notifies World Tiles of the invoice or account number in respect of the Goods to be returned;

1.4 the Goods are returned in the original state or condition in which they were supplied, and remain in original boxes together with all packaging and instruction material; and

1.5 the Goods are in as new condition as is reasonably possible, and are from current stock held in store by World Tiles and, if applicable, matching current stock shade.

2 All Goods returned by the Customer are subject to assessment by World Tiles, and World Tiles may, if permitted by the Australian Consumer Law or any other law, refuse to accept the return of the Goods at its sole discretion.

3 Unless World Tiles and the Customer otherwise agree in writing, the Customer will bear the costs of delivery when returning any Goods.

4 Subject to the Customer’s rights under the Australian Consumer Law, the following Goods cannot be returned by the Customer to World Tiles under any circumstances:

4.1 those that were specially made, sourced, ordered or purchased for the Customer;

4.2 those that were used, installed, laid, damaged or altered in any way by the Customer;

4.3 those that were sold to the Customer at wholesale or discounted prices, or as second grade or quality; or

4.4 those that are no longer in stock in store by World Tiles or have been discontinued.

5. Goods returned in accordance with this clause will be subject to a restocking fee. The restocking fee will be 20% of the price (plus GST) agreed in the Contract for the relevant Goods.

Returns for defective goods must be returned within 7 days of your Tax Invoice subject to the Terms and Conditions and
AS ISO 13006 which define the acceptable variation and imperfections allowable with goods.

World Tiles cannot guarantee replacement goods of the same batch.

After Laying
We will not accept any claims for replacement, repair or reimbursement once tiles have been laid if that claim is for
defects, batch variation, incorrect delivery or any other faults that should reasonably been obvious before laying.

It is the responsibility of the tiler, builder or homeowner to check tiles before laying. If there is any concern regarding
the quality, size, colour, shade or variation of the batch received, the tiles must NOT be laid. If a defect is discovered
during tile installation, work must STOP and World Tiles must be contacted on (07) 5563 9766.