Q: What is a lappato tile?

A: Lappato tiles are unglazed porcelain tiles which have been semi-polished with an abrasive wheel but not to the extent of a fully polished tile. They show an attractive lustre-type finish rather than a gloss or matt finish.

Q: What is a rectified edge?

A: A rectified-edge tile has been cut to exact size after firing. This process creates a precise square edge and as a result, can be laid with a narrower grout joint than unrectified tiles.

Q: Can we organise delivery?

A: Yes, we can organise delivery, from hand-unloads to deliveries using truck-mounted forklifts (with suitable access).  

Q: I don't know where to start, can you help me with colours?

A: Yes, our experienced sales staff can advise on colours, ensuring your tiles match and complement your existing or new kitchens, bathrooms, paints and carpets.  Our sister company World Carpets is right next door if you are after carpets, timber or vinyl flooring, so together we have all floor-covering options covered!